Working with media files in WordPress

Working with media files in WordPress

In this post, we will see how we can handle the media files. Working with media files in WordPress is an easy task. Media files like images, videos, and audio files need to be handled properly in WordPress. That is why we have the separate option of media to handle them.


When you click on Media you will see two options the first is Library. In the Library section, you can see all the media files you have uploaded till now. You can handle them from here. In a library, we have two views one is a list view and the other is the Grid view. Currently, the Grid view is selected.

Besides the view option, you will see the Filtering option. You can filter the media files with respect to their type and upload date. You can see the types shown in the following image.

Deleting the media files

To delete the media files you need to select them. Click on the Bulk Select button which is beside the filtering options. After that, you can select the media files which you want to delete. After selecting the media files delete button will be enabled. Click on it to delete the files.

Edit media files

To edit any media file double click on it, you will get to see the details of that image. Now, you can edit the details or add new ones. Also, you can edit the media file if it is an image. You can crop, flip the media image file.

You can edit the Alternative Text, Title, Caption, Description, and File URL of the media file.

Add Media File

Now to add any media file in WordPress there are many options. We add media files when we set a Featured Image for any post. Also can add the media file from the Library option. We have Add New option under the Media option.

Using this option we can add multiple files. Drag and drop the files you want to upload or click on the Select Files button. After clicking on the button you will get a pop-up to choose the file. You can select multiple files. The uploaded files will be available in the Library section. The maximum upload file size is allowed up to 40 MB.

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