Top figma plugins for designers

Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. It is a primarily a web-based tool, which also provides a desktop version with additional offline features for macOS and windows. Figma usually focuses on user interface and user interaction. It also provides real-time collaboration.

Following are some the figma plugins which inhances usability and productivity.

You can find the download link of each plugin by clicking on big headline below.

#1 Iconify

This plugin gives the set of icons to the users. Then to get an icon for any shape, right-click on your frame. There you will find the plugin option, you will get to see the list of plugins, select Iconify from that list. It will give you an icon frame, from there you can search for the particular icon, edit it as per your requirements and import it. It will be available on your screen.

#2 Unsplash

This plugin provides us images. We can access this plugin the same as iconify plugin. But we have to remember one thing before using it, that first we have to select the image area where we want our image. Then we can go to plugins and select Unsplash from there, which will show us a frame where we can search our image and can add it to the image area.

#3 Remove BG

As the name suggests this plugin removes the background from an image and returns the top main image as shown in the picture. To use the plugin, the procedure is the same. But if you are using it for the first time it will ask for an API key, don’t worry it’s not difficult to get an API key, you have to create your account on removebg official website that you can create from here. It will ask API key, whenever you will use removebg plugin.

#4 Lorem Ipsum

Many of you will be aware of Lorem Ipsum, it is a randomly generated text. The Lorem Ipsum plugin is used to generate random lorem ipsum text in Figma. To use this we first have to select a text element and then using Plugins, we can have the Lorem Ipsum plugin. It will give us a frame where we can select a number of paragraphs that we want to generate. After that our desired text element will be filled with randomly generated text.

#5 Humaaans for figma

This gives an amazing vector illustration library. Using this plugin you can use already premade people illustrations or mix and match different illustrations to create a new one. So there is no need to create your own vector illustrations on other platforms you can directly import them from here.

#6 ToDo List

To divide and track the work progress, ToDo List is a better option. It comes in handy when we are working on any lengthy project. Also, we get an idea about how much work we have done and according to that, we can set our next goal.

#7 Avatars

Avatars as the name suggests provides us the different-different avatars. It comes in handy when we are designing any portfolio, social media website, which requires faces of people. It randomly generates avatars. To use it we first have to select the shape and then import an avatar using this plugin.

The above mentioned plugins are not in any particular order. Each of them rocks in their own way.

Thank You for reading, have a nice day!!!

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