Top 8 VS Code extensions for developers

Top Vs Code Extensions

VS Code is a most used text editor full of features and with awesome UI. It is a widely used editor around the globe not only for web development but for other languages also.

So following are some of the best extensions that I personally use, and I am sure you will find them helpful too.

You can find the download link of each editor by clicking on big headline below.

#1 Live Server

The live server is the most famous extension used by developers. It provides a quick development live server with live browser reload. We can install it from Vs Code marketplace. After installing you will get the option of go live at the right-bottom of vs code. Also, you can right click on the file you want to open with the live server and select Open with a live server. After some time file’s output will be shown in the default browser. It uses 5500 as a default port.

Live server supports both static and dynamic pages. Also it supports many browsers, we can change browser from settings if we don’t want default browser.

#2 Live Sass Compiler

Live sass compiler compiles/transpilers SASS or SCSS files to CSS files with live browser reload. Sass provides many more advanced features than CSS. After installing this extension we get Watch my Sass at the bottom of Vs Code. We just need to click on it. As soon as you click on it, this extension will compiles/transpilers the .scss file and generates its .css file for us. This compilation is done with just one click.

Result is shown with live browser reload.

#3 Beautify

Clean and readable code requires nice formatting and well-arranged code. Beautify do this job very easily, you just have to install this extension. After installing this extension when you right-click on any file which you want to format you will get the Format Document With option. After clicking on this option VS Code will ask you to select the formatter, you can select beautify here. After selecting the beautify, the code will be automatically formatted and arranged.

One click and Beautify indents the whole document to make it readable.

#4 ESLint

ESLint extension integrates ESLint into VS Code. ESLint is used for making code consistent and avoid bugs. ESLint analyzes your code to find problems. It scans the javascript code and checks for the syntactical error you have made in your source code. Since javascript is a widely used language nowadays, this extension provides help to code it in a better way.

ESLint is embedded with some rules of javascript, so it shows errors when anybody tries to break them and throws errors. Because of this, you can rewrite your code in a better way.

#5 Better Align

This extension allows users to align text using one command. No need to select text to be aligned, just place your cursor where you want to align your code and run Align command using the Command Palette(Ctrl + Shift + P).

We can say it is smart alignment tool because it itself figured out what to align.

#6 Bracket Pair Colorizer

As the name suggests this extension is used to provide different-different colors of brackets. If you are a javascript developer then it is for sure that you will be having lots of brackets in your code. This extension allows users to use different colored brackets so that it gets easy to differentiate between different loops and conditions in the code.

#7 GitLens

Gittens provides understandable code. It provides instant information about any change. Also, it provides quick buttons to handle and commit the changes in the working directory.

Gitlens provide powerful commands and interactive User Interface to track your changes.

#8 LiveShare

We can collaborate with others using this extension in real-time. This extension enables collaborative development no matter what language are we using for development.

We can also share debugging sessions, terminal instances, localhost web apps, voice calls, and more. Those who are working with groups on any kind of project they’ll find it more useful for their work.

People working with you can easily access your system using this extension and can guide you or vice-versa.

The above mentioned extensions are not in any particular order. Each of them rocks in their own way.

Thank You for reading, have a nice day!!!

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