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There are lots of text editors available in the market. If you are a newcomer in programming then some of you might find it really difficult to choose one at the first time. After choosing one we get used to it.

I have mentioned 6 Text editors below, that I used to work on them personally. You should try each of them and you can tell me which one is better in every aspect.

You can find the download link of each editor by clicking on big headline below.

#1 Notepad++

Notepad++ is a next-level version of Notepad. It is a simple text editor that runs on Microsoft Windows. It is the best editor for newcomers since it has a user-friendly user interface.

Also, Notepad++ is light weight editor. So it works fine with lower configuration systems. We can install several plugins for additional functionality.

#2 Komodo IDE

Next is Komodo IDE. It’s an advanced editor which supports many languages. We can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also provides an awesome user interface. It supports Git which we use for Version Control.

Live Preview is also available there, which means as soon as we save the changes it gets reflected on our website. So no need to refresh the page after doing certain changes.

Lots of addons are there for extending the usability. Devdocs integration is there to resolve the issues. Also it provides team collaboration feature.

#3 Atom

Atom is also an advanced text editor like the previous one. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also supports features like Collaboration, Version Control, Auto-completion, Multiple Panes. We can choose packages from atom to add features and functionality or we can create our own packages and publish them for others.

Atom is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and runs on the electron(language used to create desktop applications using web technologies). We can customize and style the atom editor using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as per our own requirements. So it’s such an interesting application. You should take a look at it.

#4 Brackets

Brackets is another advanced text editor mainly built for web development and front-end developers. It is owned by Adobe. It shows lots of unique extensions. Adobe is announcing the end of support for Brackets as of September 1, 2021. But you can still download it from other websites.

It gives Version Control, Live Previewing, Inline Editor and many more features. This editor is also made in electron language.

#5 Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another advanced and most used text editor. This editor supports Windows, Linux, and Mac. It has GoTo anything functionality using it user can navigate anywhere in the project, so it’s just a matter of shortcuts.

Like other editors, this also provides features like Multiple Selection, Split Editing, Command Palette, etc. Package Control and powerful APIs are there to get extra productivity.

#6 VS Code

This editor is a highly recommended editor across the world as it is highly customizable and extensible. It is built for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. VS Code provides lots of extensions and also features like Intellisense, Version Control, Terminal, Inbuilt Debugging, Command Palette, and a lot more.

VS Code is itself a great product but its extensions like Live Server, Sass Compiler, Debugger for browsers, Database Management Extensions add more features. Also, it supports many languages.

The above mentioned editors are not in any particular order. Each of them rocks in their own way.

Thank You for reading, have a nice day!!!

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