#13 Git: Setting alias in git

In this post we will see what is alias in git and how to use it. Also we will see what are the various usage of alises by examples. So to explore the post click on read button now.

#11 Unstaging and unmodifying files in git

In this post you will get to see how you can unstage the staged file. Also you will learn how we can unmodify the files using git commands. You will learn how to get previous committed files.

#4 Git’s file status lifecycle

Post gives the brief introduction to git file status life cycle. There are multiple stages like Untracked, Tracked, Unmodified, Modified, etc. Post introduces to some commands of git.

#1 Introduction to Git/Github

This is a first blog on git and github tutorial.In this blog there will be a brief introduction on git.You will get know about Version Control System(VCS).Also you will understand the major difference between both i.e. Git and Github.