Pages in WordPress | How to handle pages?

In this post, we will take a look at the pages in WordPress also How to handle the pages? There is a vast difference between pages and posts in WordPress.

What are pages in WordPress?

Pages in WordPress are used to represent the non-chronological content in WordPress. Non-Chronological means the content which gives information on a subject or event. This type of content does not have any time order to get published. We can create pages like the “About Us” page which will contain information about the company or its business. “Terms and Conditions” is also an example of a page that contains the companies terms and conditions. The “Contact Us” page contains the contact method to get in touch with the company. These are some examples of pages that we can add to our WordPress site.

All Pages

You will get to see the Pages option on the left bar. Under the Pages option, there are options like All Pages and Add New. When you click on the All Pages option you will get to see the dashboard where you can handle all your pages on your site.

Pages in WordPress.
Dashboard of pages in WordPress

In this dashboard, you can see all the pages i.e published and un-published. The table shows us the Title of the page, Author, Comments, and Date. When you hover over any page you get to see these options.

Page operations

If you want to edit this page then you can click on Edit and you will get to see the editor like we used to get while adding new posts. Quick Edit gives you the option to quickly edit the page information. You can edit some fields of the page which are shown below.

Quick edit page

Also, you can add the page into the trash by clicking on the Trash option and restore if you want that page. View option gives you the functionality to view your page before publishing it.

In the dashboard of pages, you can perform bulk operations on these pages. You can select multiple pages and can edit or add them to the trash. Also, you can filter these pages by month of publishing.

Add New

Under the All Pages options, you will get to see the Add New option. When you click on it you will get an editor to create your page.

Adding new page

Here I have created the basic About Us page. It has minimum options, unlike posts. We can give a permalink to that page, by default will be its title. We can have a featured image for that page, also in discussion, we can select if we want people to comment on it. In page attributes, you can select the parent page for this About Us page. When you click on publish it will be published it will be there but you won’t be able to see it on the home page since we haven’t added any link. But if you want to see the page you see the page from the All Pages Dashboard.

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