#1 Introduction to Git/Github

What is Version Control System?

To understand git and GitHub, first, we have to understand about Version Control System. Version Control Systems are categories of software that helps software development teams to manage their source code over time. Version Control Software keeps the track of every modification of code. If a mistake happens with the code, a developer can roll back to the right code.

Let’s understand Version Control System by example, suppose I am developing management application then to track its progress I can keep making a new copy of it, i.e. whenever any new feature is added, I have to copy-paste the whole folder and name it as Version 2. For n number of features and modules, I have to copy-paste folders with new changes and new names. This process will take more space. On the other hand, if I am using any Version Control System, I can keep track of each and every modification I have made at every second consuming low space. Version control systems provide many more features like this.

What is git?

Git is a version control system. We can easily recover files, keep track of each and every modification made at particular seconds. Git is the most widely used version control system in the world. Git is an open-source project originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds. In Git, every developer’s working copy of a code is also a repository that can contain the full history of all changes.

Git is installed and maintained on our local system. But one thing that keeps git apart is it’s a branching model. Branching allows us to create independent local branches in our code. Because of this branching model anyone can try out new ideas with their project. We can easily manage these branches using commands and GUI’s.

What is github?

Github is designed for Git repository hosting. It is an online database that allows us to keep track of and share our Git Version Control projects outside of our local computer/server. Github repositories can be accessed by any authorized person or group of a person anytime and from anywhere if it has an internet connection. On Github we can do collaborative development i.e group of people can develop any software or application using this platform in real-time. New branches are created as changes are introduced, because of which team members can add their own code without overwriting other developers’ work. We will see how this work is done in further posts.

Difference between Git and Github?

So, Git is a version control system that let us to manage and keep track of our source code of any software or application.

Whereas Github is an online i.e cloud-based platform that lets us manage Git repositories. Github provides interactive User-Interface. There is a desktop application available called Github Desktop which provides some additional features.

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