How to get saved network passwords from computer

It happens several times that we forgot the password of our own networks/WiFi. Then we try to reboot the router or change the password by accessing the router’s IP address. But if you have saved the password on a computer, then you can use this command to get the forgotten password. We will see what is the command to retrieve the password.

We will do it using windows command prompt. For that press Windows + R or search for run from windows start.

In there type cmd and hit enter, you will get command prompt.

Use the follwing command.

netsh wlan show profile

This command will show you the list of saved networks on your computer. You can get the password of each of this network using following command.

netsh wlan show profile name="Networks_Name" key=clear

Above as you can see after the name, I have provided the name of the network in double-quotes. Also, you will get to see the password of your network under Security settings. In front of the Key Content, you will get to see the password of your network.

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