XAMPP Tutorial

Contains tutorial on XAMPP. XAMPP is a development tool that lets us test and develops our websites locally.

#9 Operations on Database in XAMPP

In this post you will learn how you can handle the database operations. Also you will get to learn how to export and import the database in phpMyAdmin. Click on read more button to explore more.

#8 Add foreign key constraint in XAMPP table

In this post, we will see what is foreign key? Also we will see how we can define foreign key constraint in table of XAMPP? What happens when we select ON UPDATE and ON DELETE as RESTRICT and CASCADE?

#6 Create database and table in phpMyAdmin

In this post, we will be using phpMyAdmin provided by the XAMPP. We will see how we can create database and table using phpMyAdmin user interface. To explore the post click on read more button.