#4 MySql shutdown unexpectedly error in XAMPP

In this post, we will solve the MySql shutdown unexpectedly error in XAMPP. We get this error if the specified port in the configuration file is already in use or it is blocked. So to resolve this error by changing the port number in the configuration files.

As you can see when I try to start the MySql service it shows me MySql shutdown unexpectedly error. It is because the MySql default port is 3306 and it is already being used by another process. So we need to change to something else.

As shown in the above image click and open the my.ini file and replace the port number from 3306 to 3307.

The above step will replace the instance of all 3306 port numbers with 3307 in the file.

After replacing the port number from 3306 to 3307, save the file and try to launch MySql Service.

You will get to see that the MySql service background is green and we can see the port number just before the start button. It means your MySql service is running. If it still gives the same error as before then try with some different port number like you can use 3308 instead of 3306 or 3307.

After starting the Mysql and Apache visit the browser and type localhost:8082. Here 8082 is my Apache port number you can try with your apache port number. After this, you will get to see the below page on the browser.

You can click on phpMyAdmin which is the last option from the navigation menu. Remember you will get to see this page only if your apache service is running.

After clicking on phpMyAdmin you will get to see the following page. This is the phpMyAdmin dashboard, with this you can create the databases and handle them.

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