#2 How to install git + initial configuration

To install git on your system first we have to download it from it’s official website. Click here to visit git’s official website and download package for windows.

After successful download of git. Search it in the downloads folder. Double click on it to begin the installation. It will ask for open file permission. Click on the run button to proceed further.

After clicking on run installation it’ll show Terms and Conditions read those conditions and then click on Next.

In next window it’ll show you installation path, if you don’t want default path you can select your own path by browsing to desired path.

In below window you can select the component you want to install. I would recommend to select Windows Explorer Integration option to easy access to git command prompt.

Over here it’ll ask for start menu folder without making any changes click on Next.

This window allows you to select the default editor. You can select any editor of your choice, later you can change it if you don’t want the selected editor.

Now from this window onwards you can keep clicking the Next button until installation starts.

Given below window asks for Launch Git Bash if you want to open Git Bash Terminal instantly click on the checkbox if not then leave it empty. After clicking on Next over there you are free to use Git.

After installing git you will get two options to use it, one is Git Bash Terminal and the second is Git GUI. Try to use Git Bash Terminal first because it will avail you of more features and options than Git GUI. You can use Git GUI after mastering the Git Bash Terminal.

Initial Configuration

Launch Git Bash Terminal and type git command over there if it returns no error you have installed git successfully.

Now after installing git we need to give your Username and Email. To set Username following is the command.

git config --global user.name "YourUsername"
git config --global user.email "YourEmail"

To see the Username and Password we use following command which will return data like Username, Email, Core editor.

git config --list

To see your default core editor use following command.

git config --global core.editor

To change the default core editor you can use following command.

git config --global core.editor "emacs/editor_name"

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